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VLD series

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VLD series

Voltage Rating
Current Rating
950A MAX
Operating Class
Safety Certification
Environmental Certification
Compatible specifications
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Product description

Voltage Rating :
600 VAC/DC;1000 VAC/DC
Current Rating :Based on NEC Table 310.16, using 75°C copper wire
Material :Phenolic rated at 150°C and Thermoplastic rated at 125°C
Connector:Standard: Highly conductive aluminum, tin plated
                    Copper: Highly conductive copper, tin plated
Flammability Rating:UL94 V-0
Environmental:RoHS compliant

Ordering Information
Power distribution blocks offer a safe, convenient way of splicing cables, providing a fixed junction tap-off point or spltting primary power into secondary circuits.
VLx2xxx-DIN series offers integral DIN-Rail mount and an optional hinged safety cover.
Optional power distribution block covers provide protection against accidental shorting between poles caused by
loose wires, tools, or other conductive material. They also protect personnel from accidentally contacting energized connectors. To order protective covers, match the number of poles for the block to the cover.

Typical applications include heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, elevator systems, material handling equipment, control panels, motor controls, switchgear, and anywhere power needs to be distributed to more than one load.

Box lug connectors are designed for use with a single, solid or class B or C stranded conductor. Use of more than one conductor per connector opening or use of extra-flexible, fine-stranded conductors, such as welding cable, voids the UL Listing and may cause overheating. Manufacturers of cable terminations can furnish crimp-on sleeves for fine stranded conductors which permit these conductors to be used with box lugs.

Ampere Ratings
The ampere rating per pole for power distribution blocks is based on the line ampacity of 75°C insulated conductors per NEC@ Table 310.16. If 60°C insulated conductors are used,load must not exceed the ampacity of 60°C conductors.Use of conductors rated in excess of 75°C is permitted (for example 90°C), however, load must not exceed the ampacity of 75°C conductors.



Safety regulation information
Environmental information
Safety regulation information
Environmental information

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